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Review: Deezer [website]

I've always been a music girl. If I didn't have my nose in a book, I had my earphones in, blaring music from my Walkman (yeah, I'm old enough to remember using a Walkman, and even taping my favourite songs off the radio) Actually, most of the time I was reading & listening to music.
The age of internet has made listening to the music of your choice that much easier, with things like youtube etc etc.

I have been a Songza user for a while now, but was recently introduced to Deezer.
I really like Songza. All the pre-created, searchable playlists. Picking a mood and just going with it.
All of those things are pretty great options.

Deezer has those, and then some. Not only can I listen to pre-made playlists, I can create my own. I can listen to music by artists like ones I like. It just seems that Deezer has many more options, which I like.
I also liked that I can pick an artist I like, and Deezer will also play other artists like them, so that I can discover new music.
The walk down memory lane of music from my teenage years (hello 90s) is nice too.

The only downside I can find to Deezer is that after 6 months you only get 2 hours a month of streaming on a free account, but the good news the monthly cost isn't expensive at $5 a month.

Overall rating of Deezer

[4 stars: Really like it]

Who would I suggest Deezer to?

Anyone who likes music, and being able to create their own playlists or listening to pre-created lists and add their own.Anyone who wants recommendations to new music based on their own likes.

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