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I was looking for a perfect quote to sum up today, and what it means. This is the most innocent, perfect quote to capture everything that today stands for. I quote it from my friend, Becky's facebook.
Becky and her family reside in the UK.
So, I picked (my daughter) up from nursery and we were talking about what she did this morning...She showed me her drawings etc then said '...and we stopped Momma... we stopped playing for the soldiers...' I asked her did she understand why... 'we stop playing and are quiet to 'member that they don't come home to play sometimes and we were quiet hoping they stop fighting...'

I couldn't have summed up today in better words.

Remember those that have fought so that we may live in freedom. Remember them everyday, not just one day a year. Remember the ones that are still fighting.
For all your freedoms, thank them.

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