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But not in victoria secret!


In a Victoria's Secret store, surrounded by frilly bras and blown-up images of barely covered models, Lori Rueger says she was told to find somewhere else to breast feed. The 29-year-old Charleston mother testified that she was in a Victoria's Secret store in suburban Mount Pleasant and was told by an employee that she could not breast feed her baby in a dressing room and was encouraged to use a restroom in a nearby store instead.

 I don't care what your stance on breastfeeding in public is,feeding a child in the bathroom is frigging disgusting. 1) she was in a dressing room she was PRIVATE (hell- I would have sat on a bench and nursed,i have many times,and no one sees a damn thing unless they're trying to. It's called being discreet, 99.9% of breastfeeding moms are!) 2) It's a freaking lingerie store. They sell bras,but using breasts to feed children is some how wrong?

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