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Stealing Big Bird

Every Wednesday us Londoners in ontario get a free community paper, "the londoner"
It's basically what's going on in the city...etc etc, there's usually letters about stuff that was published last week, or about the goings on in the city.
This week as i was reading i couldn't help but notice this letter by Betty Warwick.

"I am a gardener and we live on a street with a Montessori School. In our garden we have put some animals and interesting things for the school children to see while they take their walk each day.
One of those things was Big Bird who sat on a rock to greet the children. Last fall someone stole Big Bird. This spring our kind neighbours found another Big Bird for us at a garage sale so we put it back out for the children.
Last week someone who obviously has no respect for other people's property took our second Big Bird from his perch. Now the children who stopped to talk to Big Bird and the other animals are unhappy because he is not there.
What an unhappy world when someone has to stoop to taking an ornament from a garden just to be smart.
Would the person(s) who removed Big Bird kindly put him back - even if it is at night when we cannot see you, so the children can enjoy him once again...or if anyone knows where he is they could call me and I will pick him up."
How sad is it that some morons felt the need to steal a big bird statue out of some ones yard? A big bird statue that they put there just to make the children have something to look forward to on their daily walks. What kind of people do stuff like that?

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