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I love many fairytales and would be hard pressed to pick just one as a 'favourite'. They are all pretty awesome in their own rights.

I know many people have issues with fairytales, especially Disney ones. They fear that the princess phase will turn our little girls into whiny ladies who think that they need their prince to save them.
I don't think that's true at all.
While most Disney fairytales do have the princess, damsel in distress, prince saves them story to it, there are also other levels.

One of my favourite Disney fairytales is The Little Mermaid.
I have had people ask how, how can you like a movie about a girl who gives up everything for a prince. Who leaves home, her friends, her world for him.Who practically sells her soul for him.
Easily, i don't see that in the story. What i get from the story is that Ariel wanted, more then anything, to be human. She had that dream before she saw Eric. Against all odds she went after that dream. Yes, she also got the added bonus of Eric, but the big story is she followed her dream, even when everyone else told her she couldn't do it.

Tangled was much the same way. Rapunzel went out into the world to live the dream of seeing the lanterns. She was scared of the world and overcame those fears to grab her dream.

Cinderella was locked in a room, but she went to that castle not just to get her prince, but to dance at the ball.

And let's not forget Tianna- she got her restaurant.

In my mind fairy tales teach our children that dreams are attainable, you just have to go after them.

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