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Occupy London

I’ve been quiet about it, mostly because I've been too busy to keep up and feel like i don’t really have a ‘right’ to say anything without really knowing…. but.. reading the news the other day got me questioning the whole movement here.  I feel like i'm missing some important piece to the puzzle.

Why, when the protestors here have someone in power, in government (The mayor) willing not only to listen to them but to actually sit down and ‘work with them’ to work out something together, are they still protesting so hard.
Isn’t the point to get someone to listen to them? To get someone to start changing things?
Well, they have it. What do they want now?
They want the mayor to ‘bend the rules’ to allow them to camp in a public park overnight?
What makes them special snowflakes?

“People don’t necessarily have to … live in the park to get attention,” Fontana said during the town hall broadcast. “The rules are for everyone. … The law is the law for everyone.”
They have been told they could protest there between 6 am & 10 pm, and a nearby church has offered to allow them to camp out on their private property, and still a lot of them are upset by this?
I just don’t get it.  They have someone willing to listen. Willing to help make the situations of joblessness, homelessness etc better, why not work with him instead of being stubborn?
“I believe in peaceful protest,” Fontana told the occupiers after about 50 of them all but took over his virtual town hall meeting Thursday at the Covent Garden Market. “I want to work with you.”
Dear protestors in london (ont) : Your protest has been heard. Now it’s time to go and actually do something to help.  Putting up tents and breaking bi-laws isn’t going to help joblessness and homelessness in this city. Sitting down with Mayor Fontana is at the very least a step in the right direction.

" I think they're really starting to prove that they just want to have a camping trip.They wanted the mayor's ear, they've got it, even an offer of bi-annual meetings with the group. But now, after getting that, they're still demanding their right to hang around in a tent in a public park."Found on the occupy london page

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